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In-house corporate marketing teams are tasked with a wide range of jobs and providing marketing collateral, or merchandise, often sits at the bottom of the never-ending list of tasks. While you know it’s important, so is getting this week’s ads out, updating the company intranet and planning the annual conference. We understand the demands on your time and are happy to take this one off your list.


Dedication to develop right solution

The pressure of cost efficiency while delivering the right tools for your sales teams can be quite intense. Through a dedicated Orange Canvas Account Manager, we work with you to develop the right solution for your business. Backed by a team with a wealth of experience in:

  • Logistics/Distribution
  • Warehouse storage
  • Print
  • Ecommerce
  • Promotional merchandise/products
  • Pick-and-Pack distribution services
  • Content requirements
  • Digital services

Building brand experiences in a dynamic, and engaging way – is marketing agility, the ability to quickly adapt or refocus efforts in response to changes in customer behaviour, market conditions, and business direction to benefit market share or share of wallet.

Case Study: Uniforms

The Groundwork

David (Marketing Executive) needs to organise new uniforms for the sales team, for the first time. To make this happen he needs to contact a spreadsheet of recommended suppliers to organise quotes, speak with several printing/embroidery companies, then find a place in the office where he can store any extra stock until someone else needs it.

Not to mention trying to get the products out to the sales team scattered across the state/country, all while trying to make sure the shirts are not dated fashion.

The Solution

Orange Canvas has a team of dedicated buyers who specialise in sourcing fashionable corporate and branding clothing, bags, and merchandise. Our ability to be able to print and embroider in-house ensures consistent quality throughout all branding executions. Also, we offer ‘print-on-demand’ to make sure stock-levels are manageable and can be updated to easily to make sure they are always on trend.


Supplier Distribution Management

Stephanie (Marketing Manager) remembers the last time they changed uniforms, and it wasn’t a pleasant memory. For weeks after the roll-out, Stephanie received frequent calls complaining about the size, quality, style or the fact some people never received anything. Chasing up the suppliers and distributors proved to be a nightmare.

She doesn’t want that to happen ever again, and is hoping David can do a better job of finding a solution this time around.

The Solution

Orange Canvas plays the roles of supplier AND distributor, therefore becoming your single point of contact throughout the whole process. Once the apparel or merchandise has been agreed upon, we will then roll-out your brand across all mediums, and then distribute all items to your sales staff no matter where they reside. If there are any issues at all, you only need to call us for assistance, and we can handle the rest.

Brand Protection

Gerard (Marketing Director) is dreading the roll-out of the new sales uniforms. The last time they undertook such an endeavour it was a disaster. The uniforms were dated, and the printing/embroidery was of a low quality, which resulted in many of the sales staff refusing to wear the new uniforms, and was detrimental to the brand.

Gerard wants to see a vast improvement in quality, and wants something that will re-establish the faith of the sales team and customers in the brand.

The Solution

Orange Canvas’ buyers are always on top of the latest fashion and are proactive with approaching you with the latest designs and trends, making sure your brand always looks its best and stays relevant with the ever-changing market, and something your sales team can get behind.


Budget and Convenience

Antonia (Managing Director) was walking past accounts when she heard them discussing that new uniforms were being looked in to. She vividly remembers one of the top sales reps mentioning to her, at a past conference, all the problems they had with the uniforms and how long it took before they finally had something, and it was so terrible they sent it back to the head office.

After reviewing the project, Antonia found that it had exceeded its budget considerably, which was mainly due to the issues with distribution and trying to rectify the situation.

The Solution

Orange Canvas will work within your budget to deliver a product, or products, that bolster your brand among your sales staff and their customers. We also understand the need for expedience and convenience, meaning we use trusted and reliable means of distribution to get products to where they need to be, and if there are any issues we will be your single point of contact throughout the process.