With a solid DNA of marketing services, innovation and satisfied customers, we have set Orange Canvas free to do one thing:
to provide solutions that work to engage and excite your sales force.

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Keeping your sales force motivated is what we do here at Orange Canvas we partner with you to create solutions that will continually excite them. We all know that engaging your sales force requires frequent engagement and multiple touch points – we help deliver that through a range of digital and tactile solutions that ensure your whole sales force, no matter how old or young, tech savvy or still learning, can feel equipped, resourced and engaged to continue selling!

Knowing what your sales force is doing can be one of the biggest challenges of managing them.  Orange Canvas provides you the insight into what your sales force activity is through our digital solutions and e-commerce platforms. 

We provide you timely vision into the soft-activity of your salesforce like who is sharing content and stocking up on sales tools and literature.

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