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Looking for a hassle-free way to empower your team to focus on the growth of your brand and business?

Our experience has shown that businesses grow when local area marketing decisions are made by the local sales force and empowered by the corporate marketing team. But how do you manage this?

Using our 5-function approach to marketing, Orange Canvas can support you and help your sales force grow and scale safely, strategically and efficiently. Watch our video to find out more or

One of the most important aspects of focusing on the future, is being able to change and adapt when required. Orange Canvas’ business model revolves around our ability to change and adapt quickly to your business’ needs.

A powerful toolkit

Gain access to a powerful eco-system which allows your sales network to access localised and personalied, multi-channel marketing such as digital media, database marketing, on-demand print, signage and event packs, point of sale and uniforms all delivered direct to their door or electronically to your customers plus the benefit of data analysis and reporting designed to provide you with information to help your business grow.

This can be built into a custom eco-system giving your sales network everything they need to grow and scale.

Why it works

1. Engages all stakeholders

One of the many challenges for franchise relationships is continuing to engage with your franchisees, and to give them the appropriate tools to help grow their business, which in turn will see an increased commitment back to the brand.

2. Reduces workload silos

Marketing can be a strain on company time and resources. Spending the time to filter through the many requests from your external sales staff can detract your attention from overall marketing strategies and business goals. Eventually, you may find your marketing team scrambling to support marketing activities for each salesperson to the detriment of the overall brand marketing plan.

3. Let’s you focus on the model, not the medium

The only way to grow the brand and gain momentum is the replication of the business model and marketing strategy across all territories, regardless of location or size. The best way to achieve this is by using Orange Canvas’s Eco-System to ensure your team are receiving the marketing support they need.

4. You have full-control of the eco-system

Orange Canvas can deliver our Marketing Eco-System and then your team can manage the day-to-day. Whatever initiatives or products you put on the platform, can be accessed by all staff on-demand, ensuring consistency, efficiency and transparency.

5. Localised, pre-approved content

Using our template builder technology, you can give your staff the localised content they crave without the labour. Giving teams more time and capacity to grow the brand with greater impact.

6. Always on-demand

Your Marketing Eco-System will give your staff 24-hour access to on-demand resources such as specials flyers, branded collateral, email newsletters and promotional assets. All these assets can be personalised for their territory, as well as be printed or used online to attract customers.

7. A lean marketing machine

The entire orange Canvas Eco-System is built to deliver lean, transparent growth for your brand.

Orange Canvas brings together strategic thinking, logistical expertise and e-commerce. Our scalable solutions have helped sales-focused businesses to simplify their brand roll-out so marketing and operational teams can focus on the future.


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