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Our highly-skilled team work with you to develop marketing products, collateral and merchandise your team will love. These can be available to your team via your online business’ portal for your sales force to access whenever they want. From stationery to business cards, branded clothes to gifts for clients, Orange Canvas can give you access to some of the highest-quality marketing products around.

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Companies need to be able to adapt and change quickly. Where business collateral once had a shelf-life of months, it’s now more likely to be weeks. Why? Because in the world of business, things change rapidly. Which is why our Print On-Demand service is the ideal offering for all progressive businesses.

Orange Canvas can print on-demand large format posters, pull up banners, window decals, as well as provide on-demand services for embroidering apparel and hats. We’ve even turned around 200 branded safety helmets in only two days. Not sure what you need or if it can be done? Then simply ask us for help.

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Our experienced fashion buyers pride themselves on being able to source the latest in corporate fashion and creating bespoke apparel solutions. Our buyers are proactive in their approach to making recommendations, and only when they feel a product is a fit for you and your business will they bring it to your attention.

On-Demand means you don’t need to order or store large amounts of stock. Orange Canvas can create branded apparel when you need it, as you need it, and give you and your sales force access to place orders through our uniquely created online portal.

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Forecasting print demand is an area that gets many companies unstuck. They end up holding too long onto redundant stock as they are uncomfortable with the wastage – we can help you estimate your stock and determine ways to reduce your risk on large print runs.

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When it comes to creating a truly immersive brand and product experience at your next event, the Orange Canvas team are the ones you want supporting you at every stage. From registration gifts to engaging programs; bespoke pop-up retail areas to keynote speakers, we can assist you in creating an experience your sales force will be talking about for some time.

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Rewarding and recognising those of your sales force who are top achievers is a great way to keep them motivated. Incentive gifts are an amazing way to excite your sales force at any level. The Orange Canvas team have extensive experience in this area, from merchandise to apparel, vouchers to business tools and much more, our aim is to ensure your sales force are guaranteed to stay motivated. We’re also well versed in creating custom bespoke gifts that tie in with your current promotions and/or annual themes.

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Orange Canvas’ expertise and knowledge in this area enables us to design a strong engagement program tailored for your business, brand and staff. From the onboarding of new recruits, to ongoing learning and development, regular communication, and constant access to various resources, everything is tailored to make your sales force the best they can be.