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The marketing strategy set by the franchisor should include a program that is compulsory for each franchise holder. This could include a contribution to a marketing program that promotes the business as a whole, but also some local components for individual franchises.

The best way to control the requirements of the baseline program is via an efficient online system, such as the one offered by Orange Canvas. The details of the program can be conveyed via the online system which can also allow franchisees to scale up as required.

Then, when an individual franchisee is planning something special they have access to company assets like online advertising, social media, promotional items and much more without having to involve the franchisor.

For example, in the baseline program, you might have a minimum spend with Google Adwords to ensure all franchisees are getting some exposure, but they can easily scale this up to suit their individual requirements.

Online marketing hub

At Orange Canvas we can implement a central system that is administered by your team and supplies all the tools you need to support national and local area campaigns, while also driving consistency and sales growth that will satisfy both brand and franchisee needs.

Having the right online marketing hub in place will minimise administration time for franchisors, giving small teams more time and capacity to grow and innovate.

An effective online marketing hub should house customisable artwork templates that give your franchisees 24-hour access to on-demand resources such as specials flyers, branded collateral, email newsletters, and promotional assets. All these assets can be personalised for their territory, as well as be printed or used online to attract customers.

When creating the options to upgrade, you want to make sure they are all affordable for your franchisees. Options should then be priced in a general range that makes sense across the board versus pricing differently per region.

Measure & report results

There is no benefit to doing any marketing activities if you cannot measure the results. Marketing effectiveness is measured by how well a company’s marketing strategies increase its revenue while decreasing its costs of customer acquisition.

You will always win the day if your marketing continually lowers the costs of finding and winning business, while also increasing the value of that business.

Digital systems allow for much stronger reporting on marketing activities than what was available in the pre-internet era. Look for a system that can provide regular reports on your entire network’s marketing initiatives and their effectiveness. Tailored reports can then be shared with individual franchisees.

If you’d like to know more about what Orange Canvas’ online system can offer your franchised business and your franchisees, contact Orange Canvas today by phoning 1300 402 408 or via our website and find out more about our franchise marketing ecosystem.