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Emmanuel Resonable is the Orange Canvas Print Expert. Here we spend 5 minutes with Emmanuel to talk about the wide range of print solutions he brings to Orange Canvas customers.

What is your favourite thing to print?

My favourite thing to print would be something new -I basically like the unknown, learning the process and seeing how the job finishes up.

Most challenging solution

Each month we in-house print up to 3,000 magazines for Mary Kay called Applause. With a three-day turnaround time and at 32 pages long, the team pull together and work as a team to ensure the delivery date is met. This means working through the night, monitoring machines for any issues as on a three-day turnaround job we cannot afford any downtime.

Favourite machine to operate

My favourite machine would have to be our large format printer and because we are just scratching the surface in what we can achieve.

In 2017, Icon invested in a new HP Latex 315 wide format printer. This state-of-the-art printer gives the production team to experiment with new materials and capabilities to product exciting results for both indoor and outdoor. Among some of its most striking features is the ability to print on a wide array of materials – even textiles. And wide it is – allowing us to print up to 1.37m wide.

Most popular products you produce for clients

  • Stickers - Being able to create new designs and shapes of any form gives us an advantage. We recently did a quick turnaround job for Western Sydney Airport where we had to apply 200 hand-cut stickers of their logo to Hard Hats with a four day turnaround. We delivered in three.
  • Large Banners are also in the top list. It's portable so great for event and stand marketing. We use high quality substrate
  • Business cards - we we produce in the hundreds of thousands each week.
  • New apparel – Using our in-house heat print, we source quality apparel and brand these in-house. With access to a full creative studio, we can easily create any new designs and turn them around quickly.
  • Embroidery an merchandise – hats, shirts, aprons, make up bags. Using our in-house embroidery machine, we can embroider anything and turn them around quickly.