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Be consistent

The key to a successful marketing strategy is making sure your messaging is consistent and memorable. Brand and marketing consistency helps build awareness, allowing customers to easily and immediately recognise your brand no matter where it’s used.

Brand and marketing consistency is all about bringing a specific feeling to your customers through your messaging, which must remain the same across all your channels and assets, while also keeping up a consistent and reliable stream of content.

That’s where a service like the Orange Canvas Franchise Eco-System, a centralised marketing hub, can help retain the consistency and control. Our centralised marketing hub enables you to provide all the necessary elements of a marketing program, making it really easy for franchisees to reproduce your brand collateral over and over again.

The Orange Canvas Franchise Eco-System online marketing portal allows you to offer a range of customisable collateral pieces where you control which elements can be edited. This protects your brand’s core elements, regardless of the promotional platform, while still giving your franchisee network the freedom to create localised advertising materials.

Multiple people get involved

When you allow multiple people to control the voice and patterns of your brand, you leave room for flaws to creep into your marketing content, which can be detrimental to the strength of your brand. This is particularly true of franchise businesses where there can be hundreds of individual business owners involved.

It is part of the role of the franchisor to create a profitable brand and business model that can be easily replicated, and the franchisees must help maintain brand reputation in order for it to retain its value.The best way to achieve this is by developing a centralised online marketing hub to ensure both the brand and franchisees are receiving the marketing support they need.

Online marketing hub

At Orange Canvas we can implement a central system using our Franchise Eco-System that is administered by your team and supplies all the tools you need to support national and local area campaigns, while also driving consistency and sales growth that will satisfy both brand and franchisee needs.

The online marketing hub houses customisable artwork templates that give your franchisees 24-hour access to on-demand resources such as specials flyers, branded collateral, email newsletters, and promotional assets. All these assets can be personalised for their territory, as well as be printed or used online to attract customers.

Local area marketing campaigns

Your franchisees are the ones who know their own local market but many of them are not skilled marketers, so they need guidance to produce professional local area marketing campaigns.

At Orange Canvas we have the resources, skills and expertise to help create impactful local area marketing campaigns while also ensuring that all franchisees can access assets when needed. This includes print ads, social posts (organic and boosted posts), direct mail templates, flyers, referral programs and much more. And all the while our Franchise Eco-System allows consistency and control over all your valuable brand assets.