The franchise model has lots of benefits. As a franchisor, you get to grow your business without having to fund the set-up of multiple branches or outlets. But there are some negatives, including a lack of control and consistency over your marketing assets due to there being so many individual business owners in the mix.

When it comes to marketing of individual franchisees it is really important to have consistency in all the aspects of your marketing program including logo use, messages, graphics, as well as the whole look and feel. But this shouldn’t deter you as a franchisor because it’s obviously beneficial to you to help your franchisees grow their businesses, which in turn will see an increased commitment back to the overall brand.

Be consistent

The key to a successful marketing strategy is making sure your messaging is consistent and memorable. Brand and marketing consistency helps build awareness, allowing customers to easily and immediately recognise your brand no matter where it’s used.

Brand and marketing consistency is all about bringing a specific feeling to your customers through your messaging, which must remain the same across all your channels and assets, while also keeping up a consistent and reliable stream of content.

That’s where a service like the Orange Canvas Franchise Eco-System, a centralised marketing hub, can help retain the consistency and control. Our centralised marketing hub enables you to provide all the necessary elements of a marketing program, making it really easy for franchisees to reproduce your brand collateral over and over again.

The Orange Canvas Franchise Eco-System online marketing portal allows you to offer a range of customisable collateral pieces where you control which elements can be edited. This protects your brand’s core elements, regardless of the promotional platform, while still giving your franchisee network the freedom to create localised advertising materials.

Multiple people get involved

When you allow multiple people to control the voice and patterns of your brand, you leave room for flaws to creep into your marketing content, which can be detrimental to the strength of your brand. This is particularly true of franchise businesses where there can be hundreds of individual business owners involved.

It is part of the role of the franchisor to create a profitable brand and business model that can be easily replicated, and the franchisees must help maintain brand reputation in order for it to retain its value.The best way to achieve this is by developing a centralised online marketing hub to ensure both the brand and franchisees are receiving the marketing support they need.

Online marketing hub

At Orange Canvas we can implement a central system using our Franchise Eco-System that is administered by your team and supplies all the tools you need to support national and local area campaigns, while also driving consistency and sales growth that will satisfy both brand and franchisee needs.

The online marketing hub houses customisable artwork templates that give your franchisees 24-hour access to on-demand resources such as specials flyers, branded collateral, email newsletters, and promotional assets. All these assets can be personalised for their territory, as well as be printed or used online to attract customers.

Local area marketing campaigns

Your franchisees are the ones who know their own local market but many of them are not skilled marketers, so they need guidance to produce professional local area marketing campaigns.

At Orange Canvas we have the resources, skills and expertise to help create impactful local area marketing campaigns while also ensuring that all franchisees can access assets when needed. This includes print ads, social posts (organic and boosted posts), direct mail templates, flyers, referral programs and much more. And all the while our Franchise Eco-System allows consistency and control over all your valuable brand assets.

Orange Canvas recently worked with Western Sydney Airport to place their new corporate logo on a range of merchandise and apparel for the commencement of work on the new airport on 24 September. The new brand was also unveiled on this day.

All completed in-house with tight turnaround times, Orange Canvas applied sticker decals to safety helmets and keep cups, printed pull-up banners and embroidered the new brand on high-vis shirts.

One of the key components of the new world is marketing agility- the ability to quickly adapt or refocus efforts in response to changes in customer behaviour, market conditions, and business direction to benefit market share or share of wallet. It sounds simple, yet the means of achieving this agility are more complex.

The heart of marketing agility is about streamlining collaboration and efficiency while simultaneously fine-tuning performance and time optimisation.

Now you can deliver the personal touch to staff from Balcatta to Bundaberg, Backy Point to Black Springs. Orange Canvas can design, develop, print, pack and deliver directly any form of printed materials or merchandise and apparel to any place in Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific.

From our 2000 sqm warehouse based in Sydney’s South West with our multi-million dollar print facilities, Orange Canvas are here as your single point of contact you need and customer service reps to make sure your sales team, regardless of how remove, are being well served and your brand well represented

When someone decides to buy into a franchise, they aren’t just buying into the successful business model the company has established – they’re also buying into the support the franchisor puts behind marketing the brand. However, the challenge for any franchisor is maintaining the balance between growing brand awareness at the top level, delivering a great product that has a unique place in the market, all while supporting existing franchisees with their local area marketing.

The best franchise businesses understand they need to give marketing support at all three levels

  1. Brand building
  2. Differentiating their product in the market while continuing to drive product innovation
  3. All while supporting their existing franchisees with local area marketing funding or initiatives.

Local area marketing left to the franchise located in a capital city three states away can often fall flat as no- one knows the local area better than you, the franchisee. Left to the franchise, they may sponsor the Bears Soccer team in town, when we all know that it’s the Eagles who come into the store after every game and who are also sponsored by the local shopping centre you are located in.

But for the corporate franchisor to research and gain all this local knowledge is simply impossible which is why they need to empower local franchisees to run their own local campaigns. After all, local franchisee marketing is the real powerhouse for local franchisees.

Research has shown franchisees that take on the responsibility local area marketing platform do much better than those who assume franchise brand awareness campaigns are enough.

Here we spend 5 minutes with our print team to talk about the wide range of print solutions he brings to Orange Canvas customers.

What is your favourite thing to print?

My favourite thing to print would be something new -I basically like the unknown, learning the process and seeing how the job finishes up.

Most challenging solution

Each month we in-house print up to 3,000 magazines for Mary Kay called Applause. With a three-day turnaround time and at 32 pages long, the team pull together and work as a team to ensure the delivery date is met. This means working through the night, monitoring machines for any issues as on a three-day turnaround job we cannot afford any downtime.