Update from Orange Canvas regarding COVID-19


Across Australia, there are approximately 350 Real Estate Agency Franchises employing approximately 62,000 staff spread across all states, cities and towns. While many real estate franchises operate mostly independently, they mainly buy-in to franchise groups to use the power of the brand and therefore need to rely on marketing support.

Orange Canvas is a division of Icon Visual Marketing, a marketing and sales focused company who, for 15 years, have been working with clients to help grow their businesses. Through Icon, Orange Canvas has access to a full creative studio packed with designers, digital designers, writers, social media experts and animators as well as a web development team who can custom create your online portal.


Having access to professional business tools and marketing collateral is imperative to gain the trust of homeowners looking to sell their property or purchase a new one. Representing the brand in how they look is also important to build that trust.

Orange Canvas can provide on-demand printed business tools and merchandise directly to your agencies and their representatives regardless of how far they are from head office.

We have the resources, skills and expertise to provide you with the most creative and well-researched solutions to support your business.