Update from Orange Canvas regarding COVID-19


One of the many challenges for franchise relationships is continuing to engage with your franchisees, and to give them the appropriate tools to help grow their business, which in turn will see an increased commitment back to the brand.

Marketing can become a strain on company time and resources when every enthusiastic franchisee comes to you with individual marketing ideas for their location. Spending the time to filter through the many requests can detract your attention from overall marketing strategies and business goals. Eventually, you may find your marketing team scrambling to support marketing activities for individual franchisees to the detriment of the overall brand marketing plan.

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The only way to grow the franchise brand and gain momentum is the replication of the business model and marketing strategy across all territories, regardless of location or size. The best way to achieve this is by developing a centralised online marketing hub to ensure both the brand and franchisees are receiving the marketing support they need. Orange Canvas can implement a central system that is administered by your team and supplies all the tools you need to support national and local area campaigns, while also driving consistency and sales growth that will satisfy both brand and franchisee needs.

Having the right online marketing hub in place will minimise administration time for franchisors, giving small teams more time and capacity to grow and innovate.

The online marketing hub should house customisable artwork templates that give your franchisees 24-hour access to on-demand resources such as specials flyers, branded collateral, email newsletters, and promotional assets. All these assets can be personalised for their territory, as well as be printed or used online to attract customers.

We have the resources, skills and expertise to provide you with the most creative and well-researched solutions to support your business.